GamyTech, the world's new face of mobile gaming; combining the internet's most popular games, a competitive factor and everyone's favourite ingredient, money.

Many other money gaming companies in the world are restricted by government regulations however with GamyTech this is not the case. GamyTech cash tournaments are not gambling because all of our competitions are based on ability, as opposed to luck or chance. This makes it possible to advertise and promote our games in almost every country giving it maximum traffic potential.

Our games are iconic games with a money factor. You can promote these games in thousands of different cities worldwide with confidence that they will be familiar with the product and in any language you would like.

Due to the simplicity of the games not much needs to be explained and because of the exposure these games already have. Finding a target audience is easy. In the sense that, finding people who like these games, like 2048 and cross matching them with people who like to make money; poker players, gamblers, casual gamers etc. This is a benefit for all of us and an advantage.


So far the games that we released are 2048 For Money, Money Birds (Flappy Bird), Backgammon For Money and there are so many more to come. By doing this we are appealing to all flavours of the gaming world and satisfying hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

2048 For Money is one of the world's best mobile money gaming app. Growing constantly everyday, expanding it’s network and reaching out to customers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Their products can be installed on tablets, Iphones and smartphones to reach the largest target audience available. Using the well known game 2048, a 5 minute timer and the excitement of winning money provides the entertainment, thrill and whole purpose of what we are trying to do - money gaming. You have the option to play with virtual chips or real money and in every game you can choose how much money you would like to play with and you can cash out at any time with no obligation to keep your money in your account.

our commissions

GamyTech provides only one method of earning money: CPA

"Cost Per Acquisition" is a system that works by a fixed cost per depositing player. The total acquired per player is measured by the volume and quality of the affiliate traffic.
New Signups will receive our special first timer deals!

up to 5 depositors CPA = $6.00
6 to 30 depositors CPA = $8.00
31 up to end CPA = $10.00

Results are always evaluated and CPA rate is provided accordingly.
As results become better so does the CPA.

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